We look up. We challenge the standards. We aspire to success. We stand out, like white on black. This is DSYRE

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We want to be the most aspirational esports and lifestyle italian Brand in the world, and make esports a reality that everyone wants to be a part of. We want to win, but that is not enough for us. What we aspire to is to win in the name of our values, because it is these that make a victory great and tell the story of a Brand that is not just made of pixels and virtual worlds, but of people.


We always aim for top performance. We know that every victory is based on commitment, dedication and training. We want to tell every detail of this journey and create a deep bond between players and fans. Suffer together. Rejoice together. So that not only the players, but also each individual fan, can become an ambassador for our values and lifestyle in the world.

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